Nick Lewis Communications provides Copywriting services to its clients, so as to help their content marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

All articles are primarily written by Nick Lewis, who has an excellent track record for writing online material for his clients, his past employers and himself.

All articles are also written with SEO considerations in mind, and are professionally proofed by a third party company. This copy can be attributed to any chosen author within your organisation.

Our current copywriting rates can be found in the table below. The more articles you commission upfront, the more cost-effective the rate becomes!


Number of articles



£250                                 (Saving: None)


£237.50 each / £475    (Saving: £12.50  per article/ £25 total)


£225 each / £675         (Saving: £25 per article/ £75 total


£212.50 each / £850    (Saving: £37.50 per article/ £150 total)


£200 each / £1,000       (Saving: £50 per article/ £250 total)


£187.50 each / £1,125 (Saving: £62.50  per article/ £375 total)


£125 each / £1,500       (Saving: £125 per article/ £1500 total)


ORDER YOUR ARTICLES TODAY! Click on the number of articles that you want to commission above, fill in the details and a NLC representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the brief and deadlines.

The parameters for this service are as follows:

  • an article or webpage to consist of between 750 – 1500 words.
  • The article is submitted to the client as a Word document, having been proofread by a professional third-party proofreader (inclusive of the cost).
  • The article will include suggested hyperlinks that supports the content or argument of the piece in question.
  • The client will have to source associated imagery for the copy.
  • The client is responsible for publishing the final copy on the online platform of their choice.
  • Payment for all articles is to be made upfront at the point of commission.
  • Deadlines for copy to be mutually agreed at point of commission.

To find out more about this service, please e-mail or call 07970 839137 to book your FREE one hour consultation.