Since the explosion of social media marketing for business in 2008, many businesses across the globe have been struggling to stay abreast of rapid developments and advancements in social media and digital marketing tools. Long gone are the days of independent usage of the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. In today’s modern world, sophisticated business leaders are looking for tools that enable them to save time, money, resources, and most of all… increase online engagement. Hootsuite is the answer.

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows users to incorporate social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google + Pages into one web based portal. What does this mean for businesses? Simply put, Hootsuite will allows users to monitor, engage, and measure their entire digital strategy through it’s very clever platform. Whether you manage a couple or several social  media platforms as part of your digital strategy, Hootsuite can help. Outside of the “Big 4” social networks, Hootsuite also allows users to incorporate plugins (apps) from various platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, and not to mention Instagram.


Organise Your Social Media – Saving Time

Once you have taken the time to upload (import) all of your social networks and apps, it’s time to get your Hootsuite dashboard organised. Without proper organisation, users will spend more time looking for content to engage than they would having conversations with others across the web. Why is this important? Saving Time. I’ll put this into context…I’m sure that everyone in business uses email to communicate right? In the same context, I’m sure that most of us use folders to organise emails into easy to find topics so that we aren’t trolling though 100s of emails each day. So, why wouldn’t you organise your social media in the same way? The same can be done with Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows each user to have 20 tabs (folders) on their dashboard and in each tab they can have 10 streams (sub folders). With up to 200 streams in your dashboard, you couldn’t be any more organised! This means that you can organise your social media into tabs that are relative to each other, so that you can monitor everything more quickly and can recognise opportunities to engage for increased online profile.

Below is a great example of how Hootsuite can allow you to maximise your presence on LinkedIn.

HootSuite Streams

How many of your receive a weekly email from Linkedin regarding conversations happening within your LinkedIn community and groups? How many of your simply delete this email because you don’t have the time to investigate? Now, with Hootsuite, you can stay on top of your entire LinkedIn  presence without actually having to log into Linkedin. You can even like, comment, and share this content directly from Hootsuite and it will appear on your LinkedIn profile. This will save invaluable time and should lead to greater LinkedIn ROI.


When Should You Engage Online?

Most of us are aware of multiple products that allow for scheduling of your content across multiple social media sites. This isn’t news to most, but what is news is this…When should you engage online and what should you be saying? Hootsuite allows users to publish content in 4 ways; real time, auto-schedule, time specific, and in bulk. Depending on the size of your business and the number of social properties that you manage, the answers here will differ drastically. Let’s understand this more.

HootSuite Control Panel

  • Real Time – Hit ‘send’ and away it goes to wherever you want it to.
  • Auto-Schedule – Will publish when your online networks are most likely to see your content.
  • Time Specific – Pick a day, an hour, and a specific minute interval to publish your content.
  • Bulk – Using a CSV file (excel spreadsheet) you can upload up to 350 messages at one time.

Measuring Your Social Media Impact

Many people will say that social media doesn’t deliver any ROI. Most will say that they can’t measure everything properly or that it takes a lot of time to do so. Hootsuite can drastically cut down the time spent measuring your social media impact. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Google +, HootSuite allows you to measure your social media impact in one place. You can even measure your website’s performance here too. Yes, you can measure all of these platforms independently and with various others tools, but can you do it in one place that saves you time?

HootSuite Analytics

There are over 50 different modules to measure your social media impact using Hootsuite. All you have to do is create customised and bespoke reports that matter most to your business. One of the best features about HootSuite’s analytics is that you can create a module that reports daily, weekly, fortnightly, and even monthly. It’s totally up to you. “Set it and forget it.”

So, if you are going to get serious about social media marketing for business in 2014, I invite you to try HootSuite. HootSuite operates on a freemium model, meaning, you don’t have to pay for a thing in some cases. Once you begin to learn and understand the benefits of HootSuite and as your digital footprint increases, you can then move onto the PRO version which is only $9.99 USD per month; approx £6.50. That’s the equivalent to 2 lattes per month. What better value could you get from such a small investment in your social media marketing? If you’d like to try out HootSuite free of charge for 30 days, please follow this link.

It’s time to get serious and it’s time to start understanding and measuring your social media impact.

Good luck,


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