It’s one of the main questions on every Facebook Page owner’s mind: “how do I get more ‘likes’ on my Page and fast?” Of course, when businesses ask this of their social media managers, usually the response is along the lines of: there is no quick fix; your ‘Likes’ must grow organically.

What’s the best way to get one of these on Facebook?
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I always remember an advert I saw at the cinema; I think it was for a a trade union. It showed a tiny little ant calling out to a huge bear and asking him to move out of the way so he could get past. It would obviously take a long time for the little ant to walk around the huge bear, so he called out as loud as he could to ask the bear politely to move.

The bear obviously doesn’t hear the tiny ant’s voice, even after he brings his friend with him to join in, so the ant walks away. Two seconds later, the ant comes back with thousands of his ant friends and in unison they all shout, “get out of the way!” The bear jumps up,moves out of the way, and lets the ants pass.

I was probably the only one of my group of friends who always watched this advert. I loved what it stood for and what it represented: it stood for the power of a group of voices and it also represented how large numbers have the ability to give something power, influence and gusto.

A Facebook ‘Like’ is the same as one ant in the crowd. It’s a very tiny nod towards you and your business. 2000 likes? Well that means you not only have the possibility of reaching at least 2000 people as well as their friends on a daily basis, but you have 2000 nods towards your business, which in turn will tell new visitors that you are accepted by the crowd, giving your page credibility.

There is definitely something to be said about the quality of a naturally grown following behind your brand’s social media presence, rather than a quick-fix attempt. From my own experience, you definitely get far more engagement and interest about your brand. In fact, you will find that each post’s organic reach is higher due to these likes coming from genuinely interested Facebook users. Building a Facebook Page from scratch will feel like growing a community with genuine interest in your brand and business, and those ‘“Likes’” will largely become loyal supporters and consumers.

However, growing a Facebook Page and gaining “Likes” slowly, but surely, can take a lot of time and effort for a business, and this does not take into account other social media platforms your business is trying to cultivate. This can often prove to be a difficult, arduous task when attempting to grow your own business – Facebook is only one part of a big wide Internet, after all.

So, are there actually ethical fast-track solutions? We will go through the top fast ways to get Facebook Page ‘“Likes’” in this article – and discuss whether they truly are worthwhile, effective and ethical options.


1 – Buying Followers


I had to start with this one because this is often the quick fix that some Facebook Page owners fixate on: why can’t I just buy a load of followers, even if they’re fake, just to make my page look more impressive?

Simply: DON’T ever buy Facebook Page ‘“Likes’” – EVER.

You will certainly regret it, and they will mar every natural ‘“Like’” you attempt to gain. Facebook only shows your content to a very small percentage of your followers, and they won’t realise that the majority of your following is actually fake. After you buy those followers, your organic reach of actual Facebook users will go down, as you will now be displaying a quantity of your Page’s content to fake followers and robots, instead of your real consumers.

If you have fallen prey to one of these schemes before, then it’s difficult, as there’s no genuine way to get any follower to unlike your page – especially when they are a fake Facebook account. If you truly feel like this is hindering your attempts on Facebook (as your organic reach for each post is non-existent), then we advise that the best thing to do is simply delete your Page and start again, as frustrating as that would be.

When someone comes to your Facebook page, they obviously look at the number of “likes” you have, but they’ll also look at your “Talking about this” ranking (which is situated underneath your profile pic). This tells each new visitor how many people have engaged with the page. 2000 followers and no engagement? I’d rather have 100 followers and lots of engagement (I’d actually rather have 2000 followers and lots of engagement but you get my drift).

Buying ‘;“Likes’” is the most unethical, and ultimately most futile, way you can accumulate quick Facebook Page ‘“Likes’”. I understand why people do it, but I seriously advise that you don’t even consider it.  On a lighter note, see how many famous people have fake followers here!


2 – Posting Viral Images or Videos, Just Because


Baby MemeWe have all seen this happen, and we have probably all seen it because certain Facebook Friends have ‘“Liked’” a few of these viral images. A lot of Facebook Pages post funny images or videos, just because they know they can accumulate quick ‘“Likes’”.

Some Pages are literally designed to be a place for these funny images and videos, as they are trying to promote a funny website, or simply just stand alone as a fun Facebook Page. However, if you’re trying to run an ethical business – is this the way to gain more ‘“Likes’”?

I have seen certain brands and businesses post the occasional meme, of course, but it only seems to be genuinely amusing if it has anything to do with that business in question. If you are posting an image you know will go viral and get more ‘“Likes’” on that particular post, then you are clearly just doing it for the ‘“Likes’”, and your following will see that.

Is this method ethical? I‘m not so sure. Besides, the majority of the time users will only ‘like’ the specific funny or viral post, and not necessarily ‘“Like’” your page. Additionally, these new ‘“Likes’” may not necessarily be that interested in your business. It’s not unethical, as you are not trying to fool or dupe anyone, but it certainly doesn’t help with your wider branding or marketing goals.


3 – “Like-for-Like”


The system of ‘“Like-for-Like’” is mostly quite overlooked when it comes to most business’ Facebook Pages. Rather, it is something most associated with the youth of the online world, who tag every Instagram image with “#like4like”. However, if you think about it, this can be a pretty logical way to gain natural new ‘“Likes’” and genuine Facebook fans.

One example: if you are in a niche business, with a community of people Like for Like screen shotin the same market, this can be the ideal fast solution. Many in this situation have started ‘“Liking’” other Pages, and then posting an appreciation, along with a harmless plug onto their Page, and will expect you to do the same back.

This is ‘“Like-for-Like’” in the purest form, as you both make gains from it. Firstly, you gain a new like each from the other person. Secondly, that post on their page can be seen by others, including that particular Page’s ‘“Likes’”, and does naturally cause more people to ‘“Like;” your Page. All you have to do is repeat the process towards more Facebook Pages similar to yours, and you will gain pretty solid and surprisingly quick ‘“Likes’”.

Is this an ethical way to gain quick Facebook ‘“Likes’”? We would suggest that it is one of Simple like the most effective, and even pretty innocent, methods. Those ‘“Likes’” are all genuine – they have just happened to see your post on another Page’s wall, and have opted in to receive a ‘“Like’” in return for ‘“Liking’” your page. You can earn pretty good connections through this method.

Be warned though, this method is fantastic for B2B businesses, but if you are targeting Facebook users and are using the “Like for Like” method, you may find you have lots of other companies following you but no actual customers.


4 – Boosting Facebook Posts


This is the Pay-Per-Click advertising of Facebook. It can cost a lot, be difficult to figure out, and might not even really impact on your ‘“Like’” count. Also, it can be tricky to figure out what the most beneficial post to boost would be. Even then, you could be in a situation where more people do like the boosted post, but don’t necessarily extend the ‘“Like’” to your Facebook Page.

Another drawback is that those ‘“Likes’” can be quite flimsy. For example, they may ‘“Like’” your Page from a boosted post, but start flaking off a few weeks after – you can never be sure. In a way, it’s almost like gambling to get new ‘“Likes’”, as sometimes it can really work and have astounding results, but sometimes you won’t gain a lot. Additionally, you have to spend a lot to get a lot, which is again all part of the gamble.

Screenshot 2015-01-31 22.02.16Is this ethical? Boosted posts are clearly labelled as such in Facebook News Feeds and are fundamental to Facebook’s own business model. The real question is are they a quick and effective fix in getting new ‘likes’ in a hurry? Test and measure to see if this method suits your business but remember that as with any promotional method, monitoring is key! Monitor how many new likes, how many people click through to your website or how many sales you make that are connected with that particular
boosted post, divide the amount of money you’ve spent on that boosted post by the metric you’ve chosen to measure, for example if you’ve chosen to measure the success in “likes” then it could work out like this:

Boosted post cost: £3.00 divided by 10 likes gained = 30p per like


5 – Sharing Your Facebook ‘“Likes’” with other Pages


This method is can also be known as “#FollowFriday”, which is more commonly used on Twitter. This is perhaps thought of in a similar way to ‘“Like-for-Like’”; – something not to be thought of as a serious way for businesses to gain more consumers. However, as with ‘“Like-for-Like’”, this is often a simple way to gain more Facebook ‘“Likes’”, and fast. All it relies on is building good connections between your existing Facebook followers.

An example might be holding a “#FollowFriday” of your own, and inviting people to ‘“Like’” other Pages, through simply sharing their Pages. In return, they might do the same to yours. This works efficiently as sharing or pooling together Facebook ‘“Likes’”, and again can be a good way of creating a solid, genuine community of people interested in your business.

In the same way that ‘“Like-for-Like’” is a pretty efficient, innocent way to gain more ‘“Likes’”, we think that sharing ‘“Likes’” is just as ethical. There is no harm in doing it, and it does actually produce really quick, genuine new fans for your business and your online Facebook presence.




I’ve discussed two ethical, two not so ethical, and one completely unethical and unhelpful (to be avoided at all costs) methods for attracting quick Facebook ‘“Likes’” to your Facebook Page. Do you think any of these could work for your business? Or have they already?

Ultimately, there is no truly quick fix to gaining fast-track Facebook ‘“Likes’”, as all of these would take a little bit of time and effort.

It’s always worth it when you see the fruits of your labour, and that you have built up a good, loyal following behind your business. You will definitely see your social media marketing strategy performing more realistically and effectively in relation to your business’ performance, which means the extra ‘“Likes’” end up amounting to far more in the long run.


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