At Nick Lewis Communications, we believe in having a plurality of voices and commentary on all matters regarding both social media and online marketing, and we are now looking for guest bloggers who want to share their thoughts on any development in either field.

If you would like to have a blog entry here on, please read the guidelines below before getting in touch with us.

Nick Lewis Communications Blog Guidelines for Guest Writers

What is Nick Lewis Communications?

Nick Lewis Communications are a marketing consultancy with a focus on Social Media and online marketing.  You can read about us here.

The Nick Lewis Communications blog

The focus of the blog is on providing no-nonsense advice and straight-talking tips to those just starting out with either Social Media or online marketing, with the occasional ‘thought piece’ on the wider ramifications of Social Media use in our society or within particular job sectors.

The blog entries are currently published on a weekly basis, mid-week.  All entries are then subsequently promoted through all Nick Lewis Communications’ social network channels at the time of publishing, as well as subsequently after.

How do I submit a blog idea to Nick Lewis Communications?

Before submitting your article to Nick Lewis Communications, please contact us prior to sending any copy.  We can then discuss whether the blog idea is suitable as well as offer advice and guidance as to what we want included within that article.

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Nick Lewis Communications will delete any unsolicited copy received.  Please note that any unsolicited copy received will automatically waive any copyright to the content of the proposed blog post, and Nick Lewis Communications cannot be held responsible for any associated intellectual property rights associated with the submission of an unsolicited blog post.

Nick Lewis Communications will only accept unique content.  We will not publish articles that contain content that has already been published online elsewhere.  All content that is submitted to us will be checked for duplicate content using specialist software.

Please read the full guidelines below before contacting us.  If you still want to write for Nick Lewis Communications, please e-mail with your proposal.

The benefits of blogging for Nick Lewis Communications

By posting an article on the Nick Lewis Communications blog, a guest author will be reaching a new audience, with their post being promoted through all the popular Nick Lewis Communications channels on a regular basis.

In addition, there will be backlinks to the guest author’s own site and other online channels, which will help the search engine ranking of that site.

On occasion, Nick Lewis Communications will pay for exceptional copy from exceptional contributors if deemed appropriate, but only with explicit prior consent.  I’m also happy to write a reciprocal blog piece for a guest author’s site if deemed applicable or desirable.

Format of blog entries by the guest writers

The guest writer will be clearly credited at the beginning and at the end of the post, complete with a brief biography and links to any online platforms of their choosing (the exact format is still to be finalised, and we reserve the right to change the format as new technological advances allow).

If you have a profile photo or avatar that you want to use alongside your blog entry, please attach it along with your submission.  Nick Lewis Communications have a policy of not displaying other company logos within a blog entry, unless it is directly relevant to the text.

The guest blog should offer genuine advice or insight in regards to either Social Media or online marketing, and should not just be an exercise in self-promotion.

The guest writer may be asked to include certain keywords in their text for optimisation purposes, and may also be asked to include links to certain sites on occasion.

Each blog entry should be no shorter than 400 words and no longer than 2,000 (unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with Nick Lewis Communications beforehand).

All blogs by guest writers should be submitted in Word format.  Any links that the writer wants to include within the text should be included within the Word document.  Any photos or images that the guest writer wants to include in the article should be submitted with the Word document, although the writer must ensure that the image or photo is appropriately licensed for use.  Nick Lewis Communications reserve the right to use an image of their own choosing, if deemed editorially necessary.

Editorial control

Nick Lewis Communications retain all ultimate editorial control on all blogs submitted for the site, but will work closely with all guest writers to ensure that they are happy with the final piece (which will be clearly attributed to the guest writer).

Nick Lewis Communications will publish guest blogs on the understanding that the article has not already appeared elsewhere and that the writer does not intend to submit it to different sites for republication.

The copyright of the guest blog article will remain with Nick Lewis Communications for two years, after which point the writer is free to republish the piece where they wish (or alternatively beforehand but with prior agreement from Nick Lewis Communications).

The guest writer is encouraged to identify themselves as a contributor to on all relevant online profiles, and it is expected that the guest writer will promote the post through their own social network channels at the time of publication.

If you would still like to blog for Nick Lewis Communications having read the above, please pitch your article idea via e-mail to