Getting Quick ‘Likes’ on Your Facebook Page – Are There Ethical Ways?

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Blog | 6 comments

It’s one of the main questions on every Facebook Page owner’s mind: “how do I get more ‘likes’ on my Page and fast?” Of course, when businesses ask this of their social media managers, usually the response is along the lines of: there is no quick fix; your ‘Likes’ must grow organically. I always remember an advert I saw at the cinema; I think it was for a a trade union. It showed a tiny little ant calling out to a huge bear and asking him to move out of the way so he could get past. It would obviously take a long time for the little ant to walk around the huge bear, so he called out as loud as he could to ask the bear politely to move. The bear obviously doesn’t hear the tiny ant’s voice, even after he brings his friend with him to join in, so the ant walks away. Two seconds later, the ant comes back with thousands of his ant friends and in unison they all shout, “get out of the way!” The bear jumps up,moves out of the way, and lets the ants pass. I was probably the only one of my group of friends who always watched this advert. I loved what it stood for and what it represented: it stood for the power of a group of voices and it also represented how large numbers have the ability to give something power, influence and gusto. A Facebook ‘Like’ is the same as one ant in the crowd. It’s a very tiny nod towards you and your business. 2000 likes? Well that means you not only have the possibility of reaching at least 2000 people as well as their friends on a daily basis, but you have 2000 nods towards your business, which in turn will tell new visitors that you are accepted by the crowd, giving your page credibility. There is definitely something to be said about the quality of a naturally grown following behind your brand’s social media presence, rather than a quick-fix attempt. From my own experience, you definitely get far more engagement and interest about your brand. In fact, you will find that each post’s organic reach is higher due to these likes coming from genuinely interested Facebook users. Building a Facebook Page from scratch will feel like growing a community with genuine interest in your brand and business, and those ‘“Likes’” will largely become loyal supporters and consumers. However, growing a Facebook Page and gaining “Likes” slowly, but surely, can take a lot of time and effort for a business, and this does not take into account other social media platforms your business is trying to...

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How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business – 4 Easy Tips

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Chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest. Since launching in 2012, it’s been growing its social media presence slowly these few years, surpassing 10 million users faster than any other stand-alone site in history. When used efficiently, it is possible to drive more referral traffic than most other social media channels. It is potentially a very powerful tool for online marketing and advertising your business. In order to understand how Pinterest can help your business; you must first understand its role in social media. It is a visual social network, built around sharing and engaging visual content such as images and videos. Alernative visual social networks that you may be familiar with is Instagram, however Pinterest works in an entirely different way to Instagram. Pinterest works as an online pinboard, where users ‘Pin’ images onto however many boards they like, which they create on their profile page.  Instagram, however, relies on the the user generating the content; Pinterest has an emphasis of building boards made from other makes it other users (‘RePin’)  as well as from websites external to Pinterest itself. From personal experience, I would argue Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to form a brand for your business. Arguably, any business can succeed and benefit from creating a Pinterest for Business account, regardless of what type of business they are. Visual content is one of the main ways that businesses can catch a user’s attention, and sharing images and videos is well known to create more of an interest in your brand, rather than solely relying on written content. As Pinterest is based on visual content sharing, this makes Pinterest a highly valuable medium for your business to expand. But how do you use Pinterest effectively? Here are 4 easy tips on how to succeed with Pinterest, and how it can help increase your business’ brand and customer awareness.   1 Create Unique Boards (Relating to Your Brand) First off, you must create boards that relate straight back to your website and business. Particularly, create boards designed to simply Pin fresh content from your own website, such as blog articles and updates, as well as other boards that inform users of your services and current offers. Having sorted out these mandatory boards, it is time for you to get creative with your boards. Currently, the Pinterest limit for the number of boards you can have is 500 with the maximum number of Pins being 200,000, meaning it is highly unlikely that you’ll go overboard (pun intended). In effect, you can create as many boards as you fancy! However, it is paramount to stick to your brand image. Think about what sort of content and features your...

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