20 Things you Need to Know About Social Media – Part 4

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Welcome to the final instalment of our series covering 20 things you need to know about social, media. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 of this series, you should definitely do so before reading on! The diminishing of traditional marketing methods is upon us. I say “diminishing”, because I don’t think the traditional methods of marketing will ever truly die. The newspaper ad and billboard will always have their place, but their importance has been supplanted by the internet. Marketers and businesses are now simply adapting old promotion methods and finding better ways with modern tools. The Pew Research Center confirmed this trend in their “State of the News Media 2016” study. They found that while newspaper ad revenue dropped by 8% in 2015, online ad revenue rose by 20%. Hopefully the tips I’ve been sharing about social media have emboldened you to step up your game with your own efforts. Social media platforms truly are some of the most fascinating and useful tools available to the world. Take my final pieces of advice and go rock it!   16) Social Media isn’t limited to Facebook and Twitter   Facebook and Twitter are to some degree like going to a waterpark on a hot summer day. It’s a great idea until you realize that everyone else had the exact same idea. One of the trickiest and most beautiful challenges with any kind of marketing revolves around the fact that all people are different. Motivations, likes, dislikes, and every minute personality detail can vary widely within the narrowest demographics. That doesn’t make what I’m going to say impossible – simply difficult. You need to find what platforms your audience spends their time on. It’s that simple, and at the same time that complex. Simply relying on what you know and like doesn’t do you any favors. Learn the best way to engage your audience and meet them where they are.   17) Social media strategy needs to include mobile users   Mobile users are somehow the easiest group to both remember and forget. The omnipresence of smartphones has already jaded us to their existence, which is a potential pitfall when it comes to Social Media. Not everything that looks good in a web browser looks good on a phone. Responsive web design is important, but while a basic responsive website can cost anywhere from £400-£4000+ to develop, social media companies spend millions on developing apps that will look great on any screen. In addition to compatibility, you should also consider the content itself. A 2-3 minute video is great with a wifi connection, but mobile users relying on a mobile...

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20 Things you Need to Know About Social Media – Part 3

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We are into the second half of our series on 20 things you need to know about social media. This time covering numbers 11-15. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 or Part 2, then you should do so now! The very first time I attempted to make bread from scratch, I ended up creating a sticky glob of dough that just stuck to my grandparent’s worktop. It was a disaster. Thankfully, I was by myself in their house and successfully cleaned it up before they got home. They never did find out about it! Oddly enough, my first experiences with social media as a professional were quite similar to my escapade with the bread. I stumbled into a huge, amorphous mess and decided it was worth it to get my hands dirty. Once I’d figured out how to clean things up, things started making sense. In fact, I found out that I liked social media. So here’s some more advice for you so you don’t have to deal with the same mess I did.   11) Social media should drive traffic to your website, not the other way around   The apt metaphor here is “don’t put the cart before the horse”. Your website should be the workhorse of your online presence. Its job is to draw people in, educate them, and drive sales for your business. Social media, on the other hand, is where the heavy load of engaging your audience happens. I’ve talked about engagement on social media a lot, but I honestly can’t stress it enough. If you’re actively engaging and soft-selling your business, it should result in more people visiting your website. Think of it this way: why would you design a site that directs people to your social media in hopes that once they’ve discovered your social Media expertise they’ll come back to your site and buy something? It’s a self-defeating cycle. People are already on social media, your job as a business is to get them from social media to your website. If you need help setting up your social profiles then this checklist should prove useful.   12) Social media sites are different, so different strategies are needed for different platforms   The number one principle of public speaking is audience analysis. Social media isn’t exactly speechwriting, but the number one principle remains the same. Ask yourself some of these questions about your social media: What is my audience really interested in? Does this platform cater to these interests? Why are my customers here? Why should they listen to me? How can I best engage with them? If the platform you’re using provides inadequate means to best answer these questions, you...

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20 Things you Need to Know About Social Media – Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of our series on 10 Things You NEED to know About Social Media. Last time we covered numbers 1-5. If you haven’t read it you can find it here. This time we are covering numbers 6-10. Far too often, I find that I am my own worst enemy. Not to be cliché, but it’s true. My professional and personal problems are usually the result of some type of oversight on my own part. Problems are a fact of human nature, which means they’re a fact of social media. You shouldn’t be scared of those problems. In fact, to play on another cliché, you can take problems and turn them into opportunities. If you’re having issues with utilizing social media, don’t be discouraged by lack of success or expertise. Effective Social Media management is a skill that has to be learned with time. Give yourself some room to make mistakes. I’m done with clichés, promise. Here are 5 more tips that you need to know about social media.   6) Social Media can be cost effective   Social Media is free, right? Well… Not entirely. It’s true that the only thing it costs you to set up a social media profile is time, but that’s quickly changing. With more and more online presences looking like professional sites, it’s worth investing in your own presence to keep up with the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go pay the first person you find to pimp out your Social presence. What you should do is seriously consider hiring on some professional help, especially if your goal is tied to making money. Businesses (like my own business, Spruce Marketing) that have made it their goal to understand all aspects of social media, including people, can help you perform wonders online. The idea is that your investment can yield the results you need to completely defray your costs and help you grow your business.   7) Social Media can provide real time marketing opportunities – instant sales   Imagine you could sit across the table from every single one of your customers, hold a conversation, and convince them that your company/product/pet is the best out there. Now stop imagining it and get a social media profile, because that’s exactly what you can do these days. You now have the previously impossible (or at least highly improbable) capability to constantly be in the home of everyone who follows you. That level of omnipresence with your customers requires some serious maintenance and effort, but it also has some fantastic results. If you are able to constantly keep the attention of your following and provide a captivating social experience,...

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An Introduction to Snapchat.

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Social media is like a sand dune: the landscape changes constantly. The wind changes direction and suddenly you have different social media platforms with different capabilities and different ways of engaging with your audience. In social media, the pace of change is relentless. My point is, evolution in social media is frequent and it usually comes in the form of new platforms. Staying on the cutting edge requires you to learn all the new functions in a new format and with a completely different spin from anything you’ve seen before. One of the more elusive platforms to be developed recently is called Snapchat. Opinions vary widely when it comes to Snapchat, and from what I’ve found you either love it or hate it. But what exactly is Snapchat anyway? Let me tell you.   However you feel, Snapchat is a useful platform to learn, even in a general sense. The concise, savvy, and fun nature of the app makes it a mainstay for millions of users daily, and it has a truly universal appeal once you get to know it. Here’s a quick how-to for Snapchat that can help you make the leap and start to utilize this truly powerful platform. Snapping and Chatting If I had to boil Snapchat down to a single word, it would be “quick.” That’s it, just quick. Snapchat is designed to allow users to be impulsive and spontaneous with their posts. The primary function of the platform, which is to visually chat with your friends, only allows your images and videos to last up to ten seconds. Ten seconds doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised at what people can create within those limitations. Once you take a picture or video on Snapchat, your work has just begun. You now have the option to choose how long you want your friend(s) to see your image, add text, overlay a filter, include an emoji, or even draw something using the app’s colour pallet. The final product you send out is only limited by your creativity. Your Stories Feed One of the more impressively social features of Snapchat is the Stories Feed. Anyone who wants to can actually extend their snaps to a duration of 24 hours and make them available for any of their friends to view. If a particular event occurs that you feel needs a longer tenure and greater exposure, Stories is the place to post it. You also have the option to include numerous snaps in your Story, which really allows you to make your posts read and feel like a story. Say you go to a party one evening and want to share your experience. You snap a picture...

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20 Things you Need to Know About Social Media – Part 1

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Considering how many of us in the UK have at least one social media profile, it seems that we all have some sort of relationship with it. Whether we use it for work or pleasure or even if we try to avoid it like the plague – social media is unavoidable. Whichever side of that spectrum you fall upon, it doesn’t change the fact that the social media sites are perhaps the most prevalent aspect of modern society. Tweets, Likes, Shares, and every other spark that makes our phones buzz with life have taken center stage, for better or worse. With such recognition going to social spaces, it’s worthwhile for anyone and everyone to take a look at how to be good at social media. When I say “good”, I mean both as a consumer and a producer of online content. Over a series of four articles I want to help lay a foundational understanding of social media. Good and bad alike can result from any forum where people gather, and social media is no exception. My hope is that I can enlighten and embolden you to create a social space for yourself that is alive and useful for you.   1) Social Media is a Tool, not your enemy   To the uninitiated or inexperienced, Social Media can be quite intimidating. When you add into consideration the speed with which new social sites are created (and old ones are updated), the intimidation factor only increases as times rolls on. My advice for newcomers and veterans alike is simply this: take it easy! Social media presents a huge opportunity. Step back from your preconceived notions and take a look at what Social Media actually accomplishes. Millions of users all converge on individual sites to share thoughts, feelings, cat videos, and anything else that you might want to share. The potential outreach in your area alone should stagger you. All eyes are on social media, and every user has the chance to catch another person’s attention. Personally and professionally, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and so on allow you to connect with others like nothing before them has ever been able to.   2) Social Media is for everyone in almost any niche   Check out the Instagram account 10secondswithgma. Then go look at pictures from Formula 1 Racing, Goldendoodles, and Minimalist Bullet Journals all on the same site. A single social media platform plays host to potentially millions of unique profiles. The four examples I’ve listed are (in my opinion) just a pretty fair sampling of the diversity you can find on Instagram alone. It doesn’t matter if your goals are professional, personal, or completely outlandish:...

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