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Welcome to Part 2 of our series on 10 Things You NEED to know About Social Media.

Last time we covered numbers 1-5.

If you haven’t read it you can find it here.

This time we are covering numbers 6-10.

Far too often, I find that I am my own worst enemy. Not to be cliché, but it’s true. My professional and personal problems are usually the result of some type of oversight on my own part. Problems are a fact of human nature, which means they’re a fact of social media.

You shouldn’t be scared of those problems.

In fact, to play on another cliché, you can take problems and turn them into opportunities.

If you’re having issues with utilizing social media, don’t be discouraged by lack of success or expertise. Effective Social Media management is a skill that has to be learned with time. Give yourself some room to make mistakes.

I’m done with clichés, promise. Here are 5 more tips that you need to know about social media.


6) Social Media can be cost effective


Social Media is free, right? Well… Not entirely.

It’s true that the only thing it costs you to set up a social media profile is time, but that’s quickly changing. With more and more online presences looking like professional sites, it’s worth investing in your own presence to keep up with the competition.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go pay the first person you find to pimp out your Social presence. What you should do is seriously consider hiring on some professional help, especially if your goal is tied to making money. Businesses (like my own business, Spruce Marketing) that have made it their goal to understand all aspects of social media, including people, can help you perform wonders online. The idea is that your investment can yield the results you need to completely defray your costs and help you grow your business.


7) Social Media can provide real time marketing opportunities – instant sales


Imagine you could sit across the table from every single one of your customers, hold a conversation, and convince them that your company/product/pet is the best out there. Now stop imagining it and get a social media profile, because that’s exactly what you can do these days.

You now have the previously impossible (or at least highly improbable) capability to constantly be in the home of everyone who follows you. That level of omnipresence with your customers requires some serious maintenance and effort, but it also has some fantastic results. If you are able to constantly keep the attention of your following and provide a captivating social experience, your sales will increase.


8) Social media can tie into ecommerce


It stands to reason that if your Social presence is contributing to sales, you can tie it into an ecommerce routine. You really should in fact. It doesn’t make much sense to have all of your online marketing only focused on getting people to come to your physical store when you can have them buy from the convenience of their favorite chair.

Pairing social media with ecommerce is like bacon and eggs, tea and biscuits, or baseball and Americans. They’re complimentary, and one without the other just doesn’t make sense.

Shopify have written a really good article explaining how 10 brands (many of which you already know and love) are pairing their social media with their ecommerce initiatives. If you really want to dig deep into making social media work for your ecommerce store then start with that article here.


9) Social Media requires long term goals to deliver the highest ROI


Sporadic actions very rarely make good business decisions (or personal decisions for that matter). Planning Social Media efforts is just as important as planning your retirement, vacation, and anniversary dinner. If you just think “Eh, it’ll take care of itself”, you’re in for a nasty shock.

Long-term plans and a focus on engagement are really the key ingredients to success with Social Media. Overnight sensations do exist, but they’re rarer than an empty pub during the world cup. The true successes are the products of someone answering “What do I want from this?” closely followed by “What’s the best and most sustainable way to get there?”

Think on that before you do much else.


10) Social Media is all about the soft sell


A final free piece of wisdom for you – don’t talk about how great you are all the time on Social Media. Remember that guy from your teenage years who thought he was just the greatest ever? That’s how you sound if you’re going for the hard sell on Social Media.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Social Media is about relationships. If your goal is to promote your business or sell a product, the subtle sell is always the best sell. The last thing you want is to come across as a braggart with a big head. That’s a surefire way to push people away from your Social Media presence.

Instead, be indirect. Show off fun and interesting aspects of your business. Highlight your strengths, but do it with a healthy dose of humility. Your unwavering and ultimately human approach will win you followers and sales alike.


Andrew McCall ran two successful businesses in Toronto, Canada before moving to Wales and starting Spruce Marketing in 2015. Andrew’s passion for small business allows Spruce to provide a wide range of products and services to help small businesses excel in the digital marketplace.

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